My Best Friendís Girl is a romantic comedy from 2008. It stars Dane Cook, Kate Hudson, Jason Biggs, Alec Baldwin, and Lizzy Caplan. Dane Cook stars as Sherman ďTankĒ Turner, the main character and protagonist. Kate Hudson and Jason Biggs appear as Alexis and Dustin, respectively. Alec Baldwin is Professor Willliam Turner, Tankís dad. Also, Lizzy Caplan stars as Ami, Alexisís roommate and best friend. The romantic comedy features a love square between Tank, Alexis, Dustin, and Ami.

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Tank, a help line operator, helps guys get back together with girls that they have lost. The guys pay Tank to take their exes out. His job is to take the girl out on the absolute worst date. On a typical date, Tank will behave extraordinarily moronic, and she walks away from the date believing that her ex-boyfriend was not as bad as he could be.

Tankís apartment roommate is his step cousin, Dustin. Dustin falls in love with his co-worker, Alexis. Eventually, Dustin takes Alexis on a date and confesses that he loves her; however, she suggests that they remain friends only. When Dustin returns from the date, he tells Tank about the date. Tank offers to help him and take her out on a date, but Dustin declines. After Dustin sees Alexis flirting with a fellow colleague, Dustin urges Tank to take Alexis out on a date.

Tank and Alexis meet and arrange a date. Alexis gets very drunk on the date, so when Tank acts terrible, she does not care. At the end of the date, Tank takes Alexis home. He drops her off, but she expected him to come in with her. He declines for Dustinís sake. Alexis and Dustin speak over the phone and they decide to meet in person. When they meet, Alexis tells Dustin that her date with Tank has made her interested in dating other guys. In order to maintain their friendship, Dustin sends her roses and writes a poem of apology.

Tank goes over Alexisís home and they sleep together. This becomes a regular activity between the two. Tank realizes that he is developing feelings for Alexis, but when he talks to his father, Professor Turner, he walks away believing that he does not deserve to have a genuine relationship with her. She invites Tank to be her date to her sisterís wedding. However, he realizes that Rachel is one of the girls he dated for her soon-to-be husband, Josh. Josh begs Tank to keep that secret, and he agrees. Tank overhears Alexis and Rachel talking, and Alexis tells Rachel that she has fallen for Tank. He feels guilty and calls Dustin to apologize for everything.

Dustin comes to the wedding and tells Alexis about Tankís work. Then, Tank point out everyone that he has helped, including Josh. Tank, his father, and Dustin are talking, when Tank realizes that he is in love with Alexis. Dustin and Tankís father encourage him to try to reconcile with her, but when he tries, she refuses. A few months later, while Tank is on a date, Alexis and Ami see him. Alexis throws wine in his face, but they kiss and make up. Dustin and Ami end up together as well!

Is that complicated enough????????

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